Calendar puts Kaneville’s rich history on display

By on October 28, 2012

“Remember When” Kaneville 2013 Calendar
Available at the Kaneville Library, Hill’s Country Store, by calling Lynette Werdin
at (630) 557-2202 or online at

KANEVILLE—At last, there is a calendar to commemorate and depict the history of Kaneville.

The “Remember When” 2013 calendar marries each month of the year to a piece of Kaneville history. Photos of the steam train and electric trolley on Harter Road adorn the January portion of the calendar, while snapshots of the Needham Blacksmith Shop are displayed in the April section.

If the month of May brings to mind Kaneville’s Decoration (Memorial) Day ceremony and parade circa 1903, this is the calendar for you.

“We’ve sold the calendar for two or three weeks now, and we’ve sold about 10 so far,” said Pat Hill, owner of Hill’s Country Store in Kaneville. “We’ve had people coming up from the area, and even Batavia, to get the calendar.”

“Remember When” was put together last summer by Kaneville resident Jeanette Wampach. She said the project was delegated to her by Kaneville resident Lynette Werdin and the Kaneville Historical Society.

Werdin even gave Wampach access to the historical society’s photo library.

“Since I was recently retired, I was able to devote time and my skills to the project,” Wampach said. “I wanted to be very careful and make sure that everything I put in there was accurate.That took a lot of time. I worked quite heavily on the overall project for about two months. The hard part was deciding which pictures would be included; the fun part was actually putting them into the calendar.”

Wampach said the public response to the “Remember When” calendar has been very positive, especially from people who lived in Kaneville but don’t reside there any longer. They’re able to see the pictures and reflect back on their time spent in Kaneville.

“I think it looks awesome. I think Jeannete did a great job on it,” Hill said. “She took hours and hours scanning pictures and finnagling it and putting it together. She probably put over 200 hours into the calendar.”

In addition to nostalgic photographs, the calendar also features great trivia and facts related to Kaneville. A glance at the February portion of the calendar reveals that Kaneville had boys and girls basketball teams in the 1920s. Spatial constraints forced the teams to play on an L-shaped court.

Several other fascinating nuggets of knowledge line the bottom of each page. The July page reveals that tug of war was once a “competitive community sport, and Kaneville’s team drew very large crowds while competing at Kaneville Days.” They were even named Northern Illinois Champs in 1932.

The calendar isn’t all fun facts and glitz, however. It contains a complete listing of village meetings, and the back page features Kaneville Township Historical Society information, community organization contacts and a weekly events summary.

So, can the public expect a “Remember When” Calendar for 2014?

“I think that’s contingent upon the response we see in actual sales, but we’re leaning in that direction,” Wampach said. “We’d like to see this become an ongoing project.”

The calendars are $20 each, and can be purchased from the Kaneville Library, Hill’s Country Store, 2S133 Harter Road in Kaneville, or by calling Werdin at (630) 557-2202.
The calendars are also available online at

Wampach said she will gladly speak with any Elburn, Sugar Grove or Maple Park residents who want to make a “Remember When”-type calendar for their village. Those interested should email Wampach at