Parking, other violations may soon cost more in Elburn

By on October 26, 2012

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Parking illegally in Elburn could soon cost you more money.

The Village Board will vote Monday, Nov. 5, on a schedule of fines that were previously discussed at the village Committee of the Whole meeting on Oct. 9.

Trustees reviewed the proposal, written for the Police Department by Village Attorney Bob Britz, at a board meeting earlier this year.

The rewrite of the traffic code ordinances includes the creation of three tiers of fines for various classes of offenses. The tiers are established to separate minor petty offenses, ranging from parking tickets to more serious offenses that could compromise public health, safety or welfare of residents or visitors, such as the storage of an inoperable or derelict vehicle. The amount of the fine increases with each additional time the offense is committed.

A number of the fees recommended were double what they had been in the past. For example, a parking ticket currently carries a fine of $20. The new proposal is for a fine of $40 for the first offense, with a second offense at $80 and a third offense set at $120.

Subsequent offenses will carry a fine of $50 times the number of repeat offenses, with a maximum fine of $750 for each offense.

Several trustees during the initial discussion expressed concerns over the amounts of the fines.

“This seems a little steep to me,” trustee Ethan Hastert said.

Hastert was particularly concerned over the amounts and their escalation for multiple offenses in the Metra parking lot. He brought up the fact that a commuter could pay the parking fee at the train station, but mix up the number of the stall he parked in, resulting in a parking ticket for that offense.

The revised proposal maintains the fines for Metra parking violations at their current rates of $20 for the first offense, $40 for the second offense and $80 for the third offense, and fourth and subsequent offenses at $30 times the number of repeat offenses, with the same $750 maximum fine. General parking violation fines were left at the higher rates.

Hastert said that he continues to have concerns, especially for the amounts charged for multiple offenses. He said that someone could get a parking ticket, and another one years later, and end up paying the increased amount.

“Could we make these repetitions for within a calendar year?” he asked.

After some discussion, trustees agreed on increased fines for repeat offenses within a 12-month period.

Chief Steve Smith said that the increases put Elburn’s fines more in line with those of surrounding communities. Smith said that Elburn attorney Bob Britz had also worked with Oswego to create the three tiers of violations with varying fines.

The way the fines will be adjudicated has not been worked out yet, Smith said.

Parking violation fines
for surrounding municipalities

General parking violations $10
Parking violations near train station
(parking longer than time limit)
1-3 violations $2
4-9 violations $10
10+ violations $25

Snow parking violations $30
Handicapped violations $250

Class one violations
(minor petty offenses)
1 violation $55
2 violations $75
3 and more $100

Sugar Grove
General parking violations $25
Handicapped violations $250

maple park
General parking violations In Process

Class one parking violations
(minor petty offenses)
1 violation $40
2 violations $80
3 violations $120
Metra parking violations
1 violation $20
2 violations $40
3 violations $80