Kaneville residents protest shortened hours at post office

By on November 2, 2012

by Chris Paulus
KANEVILLE—The Kaneville Post Office on Thursday, Nov. 1, at noon will host a meeting at its location, 2S101 Harter Road in Kaneville, to finalize a decision to shorten the post office’s hours from seven window hours a day to four window hours a day.

According to Pat Hill, village trustee and owner of Hill’s Country Store, most of the local community is very unhappy about the proposed reduction in post office hours.

“Our post office is unique in that we don’t have to pay high rent because we don’t own it,” she said. “We pay lower taxes to our township compared to those that pay real estate taxes, because they own the building. We should have the money to keep these hours. If we change these hours, we might wind up with somebody who doesn’t know the job.”

Hill organized a petition at her store that has managed to gather about 180 signatures protesting the measure. She said she is also expecting a large turnout of community members to object the reduction at the meeting on Thursday.

Kaneville resident Joann Murdock said that these hours will pose a significant inconvenience to the community, local business owners, and post office employees.

“It takes a couple of hours to sort through the mail. We have unique and peculiar addresses, and it takes time to sort through,” she said. “Local businesses, like Record Information Services, who services clients in the Chicago area, will not be able to send mail out on the same day.”

Both Hill and Murdock confirmed that there were surveys sent out regarding this decision, but both claimed that they were not sent to the full extent of the community.

“They sent out about 170 surveys, which isn’t near the amount of the approximately 400 families that use this office,” Murdock said.

Murdock is concerned that these shorter window hours will hurt the profitability of the post office, and that it’s a poor, long-term decision that could reflect poorly on future budget reviews.

“We incorporated Kaneville about three years ago. If they wind up taking out the post office due to poor profitability, then no one will have a Kaneville address, and we feel like that will take a bit of our identity away from us,” Murdock said.