Nine charged after party is broken up

By on April 16, 2009

Nine juveniles and adults were charged after Sugar Grove police, with assistance from the Kane County Sheriff’s Department, broke up a party shortly after midnight on Saturday.

Police were dispatched to a residence in the 300 block of Sutton Court in Sugar Grove. Upon arrival in the area, police located several minors who had been at the party, and some had consumed alcohol. Police then gained consent to enter the residence, where they located other minors that were hiding in closets or behind furniture.

In using portable breath testing equipment, police found that some of the offenders had breath alcohol concentrations as high as 0.16, twice the legal limit.

Charged under a local ordinance with consumption of alcohol by a minor:
David Lehman, 19, of the 1000 Block of Geneva Drive, Geneva; Andrew Liddell, 19, of the 2800 Block of Woodside Ct. Aurora; Dana Zimmer, 17, of the 600 Block of Carlisle Ct. Sugar Grove; Savanna Castillo, 17, of the 300 Block of Sutton Ct. Sugar Grove; Michael Naydenoff, 18, of the ON300 Block of Sulley Drive, Geneva.

Jasmeen Castillo, 24, Connie Castillo, 22, of the 300 Block of Sutton Ct. and Anthony Westbrook, 21, of Mooseheart, were all charged under local ordinance with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Additionally, Connie Castillo was charged with obstructing justice.

Eric Castillo, of the 300 Block of Sutton Court, Sugar Grove, was charged under Illinois state statute with obstructing a peace officer, unlawful consumption of alcohol by a minor, and unlawfully permitting a minor to become intoxicated. Eric Castillo posted bond and was released with a court date of May 1, 2009 in the Aurora Branch Court.

Those charged under local ordinance will be charged fines ranging from $70 to $160.