Zumba’ing for Elburn Countryside Food Pantry

By on November 10, 2012

Photo: Lola Salamon (front) of Elburn and the rest of the class get into the swing of Jennifer Olsem’s session during the charity event at the Community Center on Saturday. Photo by Kimberly Anderson

by Keith Beebe
ELBURN—The opportunity to teach a Zumba class and raise funds for the Elburn Countryside Food Panty was so important to Jennifer Olsem, she traveled all the way from Suwanee, Ga., to do it.

Olsem, formerly a resident of Blackberry Creek subdivision in Elburn, taught the Zumba fundraiser on Saturday at the Elburn Community Center.

I wanted to come back to Elburn and give back, and Lola (Salmon, event coordinator) had the great idea of the Elburn Food Pantry,” Olsem said. “With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I’m sure the Elburn Food Pantry can use all the help they can get.”

Salmon said the event had a pretty good turnout, and some people actually brought non-perishable food items and still paid the class’ $10 admission fee.

“Jennifer had a wonderful time, and she stated it felt great to give back to the community of where she once lived,” Salmon said. “Jennifer was full of pep and energy, and did a wonderful job on boosting all the ladies’ spirits while in the Zumba session.”

Olsem hopes to make the Zumba fundraiser an annual event for the food pantry. And with the Thanksgiving holiday approaching, Salmon and Olsem want to remind people to drop off non-perishable items at the Elburn Community Center anytime before 5 p.m. each day.

The jaunt from Suwanee to Elburn is a long one, but Olsem doesn’t seem to mind at all.

“I’m happy to be coming back to a community that was so pleasant to live in, and give back,” she said.