Letter: A thank you to Kaneville residents

By on November 21, 2012

Thanks to everyone in Kaneville who has contacted Rep. Randy Hultgren to ask for assistance in our campaign against the 50 percent reduction in window service in our Kaneville Post Office, which USPS has proclaimed will take place some time in 2013. We have been met with much impatience by the congressman’s staff, who told one visitor to the Geneva Office that our congressman “is busy with bigger issues,” and seems to feel that our letters, calls and visits do not warrant a response of any kind.

So now we are taking our campaign to the U.S. Postmaster General, and to the Central Illinois District office of the USPS. We are also asking Kaneville residents to send letters to our two senators.

Please stop in to the Purple Store (Hill’s Country Store) in Kaneville and pick up a copy of our suggested letter. Add your own comments and send this letter to all four addresses. It is imperative that we make our voices heard. The issues and points raised at the USPS town meeting in Kaneville on Nov. 1 were not properly conveyed to the powers that be: reducing the service hours in Kaneville will result in insignificant savings because our overhead costs are extremely low and will simply be moved to other less-efficient offices; that the township provides space, utilties and buildout at minimal cost, and the USPS is taking our community funds to support other operations; that the Kaneville office has special needs due to the way that mail is addressed; that we are a growing community in a large population county, and more.

Kaneville is a small but strong community, and we have shown strong financial support and community support for the post office. It will be impossible for the post office to provide mail service and counter service in our office with only four window hours.

Join us in asking for further review of our unique situation, for six window hours, if not eight window hours, per day, and for an extension of our full eight hours of window service until the end of 2013, with a review at that time.

Let’s not take a cynical action. Our voices can be heard.

Joann Murdock