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By on November 30, 2012

Elburn to participate in Conservation Foundation’s project
by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Conservation Foundation’s Dan Lobbs attended Elburn’s Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday to obtain village trustee support for the Foundation’s proposed stormwater management project.

The project, which would be funded through a Kane County Riverboat grant, will involve five municipalities in the Kendall/Kane county area.

The goal of the project is to improve stormwater management in the area through educating homeowners associations, residents and business owners on best practices for treating rain water on their properties.

According to Lobbs, the benefits of the program include reducing runoff from low-volume rain events, helping to clean water in local rivers and streams, replenishing drinking water supplies, and reducing the amount of drinking water used for lawn and garden irrigation.

The program would be accomplished through presentations to local homeowners associations, residents and businesses; site visits and consultations; and a rain barrel program. This would be done at no cost to the village, which would only be required to promote the program. Residents will be able to purchase rain barrels through an online ordering system, with a single delivery date.

Although the rain barrels’ impact on stormwater management is incremental, Lobbs said it serves as a great connector for individuals about where their water comes from and how it can be better used and cared for.

The program will also build upon improvements already made through the Blackberry Creek Watershed Project.

“Kane has always done a good job with stormwater management,” Lobbs said.

Elburn would be the third municipality to participate in the program, with the Foundation set to identify an additional two.