Letter: Disagrees with Kaneland tax levy resolution

By on December 6, 2012

Susan Ericson, director of tax extension for the Kane County Clerk Office, recently indicated that she and her staff employ almost the exact 4.3 percent formula, as stated by Dr. Julie-Ann Fuchs, Kaneland assistant superintendent for business, to determine 2012 tax extensions.

I find Ericson’s office to be fair, high degree of integrity, and honorable in deployment of their duties to all entities within our community—taxpayers and districts alike.

Now comes Kaneland District 302 tax levy resolution of Oct. 29, 2012. This document requests a capped levy/extension of $42,004,470, which equates to an 8.62 percent increase from 2011.

Without much analysis, it is easy for the reader to see 8.62 percent is twice Dr. Fuchs’ estimate of 4.3 percent, and well above the 5 percent PTELL Cap. This resolution will also raise my District 302 Personal Property Tax Bill by 11.8 percent, or a little less than triple the 4.3 percent quoted. My 2011 District 302 tax extension presently represents 71 percent of my total Personal Property Tax Bill.

Such disparity of quoted targets to taxpayers vs. actual ending levied dollars must damage the envelope of trust and integrity expected of Kaneland public officials and education administrators. Only the deployment of unlawful taxation techniques of “manual override” and “balloon” can account for such (“we must maximize”) variation.

The deployment of such logic toward taxation, impact fees, intergovernmental agreements and bonding now begs the question of what other elements of public education administration are being manipulated beyond inflationary normalcy? What impact does it have on small business and jobs within our community? A person or families living on fixed incomes cannot absorb such gouging of the taxpayer.

Request: Reduce Kaneland School Board of Education’ Tax Levy Resolution of Oct. 29, 2012, to the quoted 4.3 percent overall increase in total taxes due. Stop exorbitant hedging of the taxation system.

Jerry Elliott