6th-grade students present ‘Energy Expo’

By on December 7, 2012

KANELAND—On Wednesday, Nov. 28, the Harter Middle School sixth-grade red team presented an “Energy Expo,” an interdisciplinary unit, for their families and friends during first and ninth period.

In groups of three or four students in literature classes that are taught by all four core teachers, the students were assigned a kind of energy from five renewable energies and four nonrenewable energies. After a month of work in their five core classes, the groups of three or four students were able to display all of their researched items on trifolds and explain them in short prepared speeches for their guests.

Each trifold contained bar, line and circle graphs done in Microsoft Excel from math class; three maps: local, national and international from social studies class; a diagram and paragraph of the process of obtaining the kind of energy from science class; and three different kinds of paragraphs from communication skills.

All of these items were researched using three different kinds of sources in literature, science and communication skills classes. The trifolds, speeches and bibliographies were completed in literature classes before the big day. All of these parts of the project were some of the new common core objectives.