SG Board discusses Mallard Point wetland infestation

By on December 14, 2012

by Chris Paulus
SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove Village Board trustees on Dec. 4 met with Susan Rowley of Encap Inc. to discuss procedure necessary to address wetland infestation by cattails, willows and common reds in the Mallard Point subdivision.

Rowley noted other problems, such as the absence of deep-rooted vegetation, which results in poorer water quality and lack of diversity that damages soil development and stabilization.

“We’d like to do a few controlled burns, use safe herbicides to remove infesting plants and remove woody species,” she said.

Rowley anticipates that the project will start in early 2013 and consist of “rigorous procedures” through the end of the year. She also advocated a couple of small tasks that would bleed into a second and third year of treatment.

“We hope to reduce Mallard Point down to 60 percent covered by cattails, instead of 100 percent,” Rowley said.