Board to discuss Elburn Station in new year

By on December 20, 2012

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Proposed Shodeen development Elburn Station will be a topic for discussion at the Elburn Village Board’s first meeting in 2013.

Village trustee Ethan Hastert on Monday asked for the discussion to take place at the next regularly scheduled meeting, set for Monday, Jan. 7, 2013.

“We all heard from residents about their issues with the development,” Hastert said. “If we can address those with Shodeen, we’ll end up with a better development.”

Hastert said these issues include the number of non-owner-occupied housing units, or rentals, as well as the density within the development.

The current plan for the development calls for 800 rental units, with the ratio of rental units to the overall number of housing units at 36 percent. According to trustee Bill Grabarek, who made the motion in October to table the discussions regarding the development, the village is currently 84.5 percent owner-occupied and 15.4 percent rental units.

Hastert said he doesn’t see who wins if the board lets the development die.

The board on Oct. 16 tabled the vote on the Elburn Station development until the Anderson Road Bridge was built. Hastert was one of three trustees who voted against tabling it. He said at the time that, although he shared some of the other trustees’ concerns about the density of the development, he would rather deal with it than “kick it down the road.”

Hastert on Monday said the village can get on with addressing the infrastructure issue, referring to the Anderson Road extension and bridge. This project has been on hold since the board tabled discussions regarding the residential development.

The road extension was to be used as a bypass for Route 47, diverting truck traffic around Main Street in Elburn.

Shodeen owns the property for the right-of-way for the bridge. The plan to extend Anderson Road from Route 38 to Keslinger Road and build a bridge over the railroad tracks has been connected to the approval of the Elburn Station development.

Kane County had agreed to pay $3 million of the $22 million road and bridge project, with the majority of the remaining amount coming from federal and state funding.

DeKalb resident shares concerns about proposed Shodeen development
A DeKalb resident attended Monday night’s Elburn Village Board meeting to share some information regarding a potential Shodeen development in her city.

According to Bessie Chronopoulos, approximately 40 acres of land within the Kiwanis Park was being considered for development. She said that more than 600 residents have signed a petition voicing their opposition to the development of park land.

Chronopoulos said that, in their research, DeKalb residents came upon information regarding Shodeen’s potential development in Elburn. She said they also found the Elburn village website, with its motto of “Better, not just bigger.”

“I like that,” she said.

“Why, we ask, with several empty houses, approved developments, which have stopped short of completion, and an overabundance of multiple housing, why are we looking at approving more housing?” Chronopoulos read from a prepared statement. “Sounds like we should all be reflecting and communicating more regularly about housing … at the local, county and, perhaps, regional level.”


  1. rak40

    December 21, 2012 at 10:00 AM

    What I feel is absent at many Village meetings, particularly Committee of the Whole meetings, is in-depth discussion among the trustees about their observations on issues, and debate about the pros and cons thereof. In my view, all 7 of the board members should be interacting with each other and Staff so as to give citizen observers some comfort that decisions arrived at are thoroughly thought through. The Elburn Station Project is a complex one. Therefore it deserves thorough examination and testing to avoid unintended consequences, whether approved, reconfigured or disapproved.

  2. GM

    December 21, 2012 at 2:25 PM

    Did the bridge get built?
    Has Shodeen resolved their legal matters concerning legal proceedings at Tanna Farms?

    Mr Grabarek’s motion to table the discussion was fairly easy to follow.
    Seems to me that a NAY voting member re-opening a tabled discussion is a bit outside normal parliamentary procedure.

    Is Shodeen still holding out on the county deal for the bridge/property? If So, there is nothing to talk about.
    Some Elburn residents & board members want this bridge,this part is obvious.
    Shodeen wants his money maker project, this part is obvious as well.
    Continue to follow Mr Grabarek’s
    Table the discussion until ” both ” maters are resolved.
    #1 The bridge is built.
    #2 Legal/financial proceedings resolved.

    “Hastert on Monday said the village can get on with addressing the infrastructure issue, referring to the Anderson Road extension and bridge.”
    Well, seems to me they had said previously the project is ready to break ground, Now the infrastructure needs discussed?
    How Odd.

  3. OneWhoCares

    December 22, 2012 at 12:26 AM

    We’ll totally agree with you on the ( How Odd ) issues that need to be addressed on our better not bigger.I’d kind of like to know where the money is from the sale of the land to Shodeen is that were held hostage to now.Hmmm Let see ball park figures from what I understand is Kane county will give Shodeen 1.5 to 2 million for to 70 or so acre’s needed for the bridge.Wasn’t the total acreage 500 plus acres sold to Shodeen.So basically the land sold to Shodeen has had a value of 12.4 million dollars.Does anyone have the figure?
    Our streets are in very bad shape. Your life is on the line to get from the North side to the south side of the tracks with broken cracked and no sidewalks in some parts.Now that is in the main part of Elburn.
    There are various rentals where the owners really don’t care where their tennents park. I’ve read lately of a couple of large drug busts in our small town.The local bar on the corner of 47 and North Ave. has the new city parking lot for most of the 50 to 100 cars that use the bar.Now between the drugs and booze that seems to be of more concern to the center of Elburn than the safety of the basic service our tax payers should have all should be taken into consideration before any Shodeen development.
    Our basic infrastructure is badly maintained as it is and there is an old saying if you can’t take care of what you got you won’t take care of what you get.The tax payer’s in Elburn are nearly taped out and some are struggling to keep what they got so how on earth and where are the funds going to be when needed? Please someone explain.
    From what I understand is that if Elburn (Shodeen development and Anderson road project)goes forward the tax payers will be responsible for the maintence of the multimillion dollar bridge.With all the empty homes and a lot in foreclosure wouldn’t it be better for the county to take the land from Shodeen by eminent domain and let the county be the check book instead of Elburn.Holding Elburn hostage that no Shodeen approval of the housing plans the bridge may be lost is totally unbelievable. The Anderson Road Bridge has been a County project that is being milked for various interests that have nothing to do with the bridge.The Elburn board’s decision the let the bridge be build first than maybe…maybe We may consider Shodeen to build onto Elburn on our terms not theirs.
    A few years down the road after the County builds the bridge various builders will be knocking at our doors for a chance to build. Let Shodeen get in line with the other builders on building sites.Not just by Train Station!! Blackberry creek has a lot of vacant land to build on right now. I don’t see Shodeen working on interest to build there.Hmmmmm I wonder why?? There are a lots of unanswered questions that need to be addressed.

  4. OneWhoCares

    December 22, 2012 at 12:54 AM

    Well lets not be held hostage by the greed of a developer that if you send out a certified letter to respond to ALL home owner’s that pay the taxes for our town with the question are you for or against the project. My understanding is that you’ll get 4:1 against the project just like when it was first presented with all the fancy promises of a bridge to get to the train station(hut)lol. Then too what about all the parks that were talked about? But wait how about the walkway(bike path) that was to be a center hub for Elburn residents to get from the north side of the track to the Elburn Hut (station) I personally feel that the whole scenario is being kept quit so a select few can get it passed. If not send out the certified letter to all tax paying home owners and get a yes or no response. Seems very simple to me and REALLY wouldn’t cost that much to get the respect and consideration of the people who are really responsible for Elburn.
    Please notify the county to take the land necessary by eminent domain for the bridge and will deal with the developer after the bridge and connections are in place then we can deal with any and ALL development projects that have interest on our terms or tell them to go pound sand.
    A lot of the people that I’ve talked to agree with Ron Rosecky