Passion for singing travels from generation to generation

By on December 28, 2012

by Amy Croft, Kaneland Krier reporter
KANELAND—Mitch Bateman has been involved in singing his whole life.

“My whole family sings. We are all very musical, and it’s just fun,” he said.

Bateman took his singing all the way to high school and is now a respected Madrigal at Kaneland. Bateman’s father actually graduated from KHS as well, and was a Madrigal, just like his son.

“On the Sunday show of the Madrigal dinner, I had received a note from my dad not knowing what would be inside it,” Mitch said. “I opened it up and it plainly said, ‘Did you know you are wearing the same costume that I wore my senior year of high school in 1988?’ It was awesome that that coincidence just kind of happened.”

Even though Mitch’s dad did not further pursue singing, the two still sing together and enjoy every moment of it.

Being a part of the Madrigal class is a big honor when it comes to choir.

“It’s an audition group, and through our early years of high school, all the choir kids would look up to the Madrigals and dream of being one,” said Kaitlyn Wendling, a KHS senior.

Having to sight sing and learn pieces of music all by themselves can be a big challenge for students, so the students who are in the class are very advanced and have worked for it.

Mitch’s whole family supports him through all his singing choices. He said he very much enjoys singing with the Madrigals.

“The people are a lot of fun. Everything about it is just fun,” he said.

Mitch said he wants to keep singing and hopefully pursue it in college.