SG village trustees look ahead to 2013

By on January 4, 2013

by Chris Paulus
SUGAR GROVE—The year 2013 could be a fruitful one for the village of Sugar Grove.

Several village trustees expressed their strong interest in creating an interchange to Interstate 88 off of Route 47 near Waubonsee. The trustees are working with the state to get a grant to begin the project.

Village President Sean Michels and trustee David Paluch were excited to get started with an internet connection over fiber project.

“Hopefully 2013 will be the year where we bring in high speed internet over fiber, so we can attract bigger businesses that need the faster data speeds,” Paluch said. “It would also be great for our residents to take advantage of the fastest data speeds available.”

The village is currently working with MediaCom to get that project started.

Trustee Kevin Geary said he hopes to expand Route 47 to four lanes all the way to Kendall County, and would like to utilize the newly constructed road by Walgreen’s to bring in more commercial business.

“I would like to expand and bring in a greater balance with commercial real estate,” Geary said.

Village trustees also acknowledged that there are some older neighborhoods that need care in terms of streets and other infrastructure repairs. Michels that that the village could use the surplus that came in from the commercial real estate taxes to help make these repairs: “We got approximately a $200,000 surplus in the year 2012, and we were able to put a lot of that money in the local roads.”

Sean mentioned that one of his hopes is the construction of a Metra station in Sugar Grove. He is working with the chairman of Metra this week and hopes to begin laying the groundwork for that.

The new year will arrive with some concerns, as well. Paluch expressed his concern about the country’s economic situation.

“With the economic situation in the state and the country, we have no idea what will happen,” Paluch said. “But great moments come from great opportunity, and no matter what happens,

Paluch said the past couple of years have been tough for the village, as well as millions of Americans.

“We managed to make it through these tough times and make improvements in our village,” he said. “Hopefully the next year will be a little better for everyone.”