Letter: Public reaction to latest Sandy Hook shooting tragically wrong

By on January 10, 2013

Public reaction to the latest mass shooting is, as usual, tragically wrong. People refuse to accept the fact that the men committing these crimes care nothing for our laws.

Legislation restricting firearm ownership based on “military” appearance, caliber or magazine capacity are a fraud and a delusion, and will not prevent another Newtown, Aurora or Columbine. In fact, Columbine occurred in the middle of the 10-year federal assault-weapons ban, which demonstrably had no impact on violent crime at all.

A determined lunatic willing to murder his own mother for her guns will not be deterred by our laws.

There are only two pieces of gun-related legislation that can make the public safer and protect citizens from mass shootings by violent psychotics: first, “shall issue” concealed carry for sane, law-abiding citizens has been shown to reduce violent crime in every state that has implemented it; and second, eliminate the “gun-free” zones that criminals repeatedly target and turn into killing zones. The reality is that the delusional idealism behind the establishment of “gun free” zones by our legislators invites the bloodshed.

Tom Spry
Sugar Grove

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  1. outdoor1

    January 15, 2013 at 12:51 PM

    Very well said. I totally agree. I hope people are watching and are prepared for tyranny. So sad considering how magnificant this country once was. What a shame.