Editorial: Goodbye, Dr. Willey

By on April 23, 2009

There is not a current employee of the Elburn Herald who worked here when anyone other than Elburn Village President Jim Willey served in his office.

Through the growth, and then the lack of it; through the radium, and then its removal; through all of the ups and downs of small-town governance, Jim Willey was a vital go-to person for information and insight about the community.

He coined the phrase “Better, not just bigger,” and agree or disagree with any of his decisions, no one can argue he didn’t try and live up to that phrase.

Look at some of the decisions and projects worked on during his tenure, and it is clear that Willey does not lack in persistence. Bringing Metra service to the village took years; the Anderson Road bridge project is still on the to-do list; and there is finally, after years, light at the end of the tunnel with the train whistle project.

These are just a few examples of how ideas or projects—once placed on his project list—eacremain there until completed or all options are exhausted.

It is logical to assume that his persistence is what led him to a career path from an Elburn dentist to the director of the Council on Dental Practice at the American Dental Association, which is also the career advancement that heavily influenced his decision not to run to retain his seat this year.

We, at the Elburn Herald, wish Willey the best of luck in the future.

And to incoming Village President Dave Anderson, prepare to be inundated with regular phone calls and visits.