Windsor West subdivision inquires about landscape development plan

By on January 26, 2013

by Chris Paulus
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on Tuesday was approached by Linda Wischnowski, the association manager of Association Partners Inc., and Carol Jolley, secretary of Windsor West Communities, in regard to the state of the landscape development plan for the Windsor West subdivision.

The Board of Directors of the Windsor West Community Association (WWCA) has requested approval of a change to the subdivision’s landscaping plan, which was included in the 2004 improvement of Windsor West. The landscape plan was modified to include upland prairie on the condition that it be re-implemented at a future date. The WWCA is requesting that the board leave the premises as is with only grass.

“The Board of Directors solicited a response from 247 association members regarding their preference. Sixty-one homeowners responded, and 60 of those homeowners indicated that they wanted to leave the park ‘as is,’” Wischnowski said.

Comments from the association members included: “Taking one-third of the open space for prairie grass would make the park much less usable for kids that want to fly a kite, play football, soccer or baseball, etc., in the park,” and “Prairie grasses have their place in Bliss Woods, but not in the community parks.”

The Board of Directors also authored a letter thanking the Village Board for consideration, and asking that it approve the landscaping plan for Lot 185 in the Windsor West Community Association as it currently exists.

Trustee Thomas Renk was absent from the meeting.