Candy company honors Walker, SG Food Pantry for area service

By on February 6, 2013

Photo: On Thursday Pam and Ernie Bolen, owners of Mamie’sToffe in Plano and their son, Josh (far left), gave the Sugar Grove Food Pantry and Julie Walker (in green) their “Random Acts of Candy” award for all they do for the community. Melisa Taylor (right) is the executive
director of the Food Pantry. Courtesy Photo

by Mary Parrilli
SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove Food Pantry volunteers on Jan. 24 were honored for their service by Mamie’s Toffee of Plano.

Ernie and Pam Bolen, the owners of Mamie’s Toffee, gave out two handmade awards—one, a box of Mamie’s candies, went to Julie Walker of Sugar Grove; the other, a tray of various food items, went to the entire Sugar Grove Food Pantry.

The Bolens created an awards system, “Random Acts of Candy,” with the intention of honoring community members who go above and beyond. Community members nominate awardees via Facebook.

Marguerite Ledone, a Pampered Chef Consultant and friend of the Bolens, nominated Walker, who volunteers at the Sugar Grove Food Pantry, and goes above and beyond for her community in other ways, as well.

“(Julie) is an amazing woman, to me,” Ledone said. “(She) runs the Sugar Grove Community House, she fosters dogs, she transports dogs from Joliet to Batavia, and to top it all off, she is a mother of two and a wife.”

The Bolen’s decided to honor Walker and the rest of the food pantry team, and went to the food pantry location to present their gifts.

Walker was sick with the flu, and it took some convincing on Ledone’s part to get her into the shelter that night. Walker ultimately showed up for a few minutes.

“It was a quick ceremony. A few words were said, thanks given, pictures taken and food enjoyed,” Ledone said.

It was quite literally a short and sweet evening at the Sugar Grove Food Pantry.

“Ernie and Pam recognize that their community helps tremendously with the success of their business, and they wanted to give something back. That’s why they started Random Acts of Candy,” Ledone said.