Cadence Health office to open in Sugar Grove

By on February 6, 2013

by Cheryl Borrowdale
SUGAR GROVE—When the new Cadence Health medical office opens this spring, it’s likely to both improve residents’ quality of life and draw more businesses to the area, Village President Sean Michels said.

Offering primary care and physical therapy, the office will initially have two or three physicians available by appointment only. The standalone office will be located at 414 Division Drive in Sugar Grove, though many of the details are still being hammered out, according to Christopher King, spokesperson for Cadence Health.

“A lot of it will be dictated based on community need,” King said. “We’re still some time away from (knowing) what the actual office will look like.”

According to King, the move is a good fit for Cadence, which operates both Delnor and Central DuPage Hospital.

“It’s an excellent opportunity for Cadence to expand our services to the Sugar Grove area, and that will allow us to offer residents high-quality care,” King said. “It’s a way for us to expand our footprint into that area.”
It’s also a good fit for Sugar Grove, according to Michels.

“It’s really just another nice amenity for our residents to be able to go to local doctors,” he said. “We don’t have many medical facilities (in Sugar Grove), so they are fulfilling a need. It’s a quality-of-life issue for parents, since they can take their kids to the doctor without missing a half day of school.”

Michels credited the developments to both good land planning and the growth of other area businesses. Extending Galena Boulevard provided a major intersection for developers to build on, and connecting Galena with Park Avenue provided better traffic flow for businesses. The opening of Jewel-Osco and Walgreens in the area helped attract more customers and more businesses to the area, he said.

According to Michels, Cadence has asked Osco’s pharmacy to stock crutches and other supplies that physical therapy patients may need, and the new Walgreens is already exceeding expectations for the number of prescriptions filled at the store.

Better health services are likely to fuel more growth in the village. An assisted living facility is finalizing plans to build on the north end of Wheeler Road, and another developer is considering building age-restricted apartments nearby for seniors, Michels said. Both housing options would be within walking distance of Jewel-Osco, Walgreens and Cadence’s medical offices.

“It fits in well with (Kane County’s) 2040 health initiative, where you can have people walking to get their groceries and to their pharmacy and to their doctor,” Michels said.

Michels said Sugar Grove’s demographics also make expanded senior housing options a good fit for the area.

“We have a lot of middle-aged families here, and the idea is that you could bring your parents to an assisted living facility in Sugar Grove so you can live near them,” he said. “I think it helps out our community as well.”

Michels said he hopes that the new Cadence facility would fuel even more growth.

“A lot of time it sort of feeds on itself,” he said. “We have Rush-Copley and the Cadence Health offices, and then users come in there. Maybe a coffee shop or a Dunkin’ Donuts might want to open up and serve the people who are coming in and out.”