Residents get a look at the Land Use plan for Elburn

By on February 8, 2013

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—The village of Elburn on Jan. 24 put its comprehensive Land Use plan on display at the Elburn Lions Club for residents to view and discuss.

About 25 residents attended the event to get a look at the plan. Maps depicting the village’s current land use, its “eye to the future,” transportation, stormwater and other infrastructure plans, were available for members of the community to peruse.

In addition, village officials and staff members provided further explanation of items, answered questions and listened to feedback from attendees.

Several of the residents in attendance asked the same question: “What happens now?”

“What are they going to do to implement the plan?” resident Tom Gush said. “What are the strategies and action plans?”

“I had hoped to be more actively involved on the front end,” said Chris Tenggren, Elburn resident and member of the Realtor Association of Fox Valley. “I’m always a little discouraged when they go to outside sources.”

Village officials used a grant from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning to hire Images, Inc. to facilitate the creation of the plan.

Carrie Hansen, director of Planning and Government Relations for Images, Inc., said she and her co-workers held about a dozen meetings with various village stakeholders, including seniors, members of the business community, community service providers, high school students and the general public, to obtain input on their preferences for the future of Elburn.

“The idea is for the village to use it as a guide for future development,” Hansen said. “It has a 20-year shelf life, but that doesn’t mean it won’t change. It is a dynamic document.”

Several individuals standing in front of the projected Land Use plan, including Gush, said they saw too much land set aside for residential growth and not enough for commercial development.

“You can’t have businesses without the people,” trustee David Gualdoni said. “It’s a trade-off, a balance. People don’t want all these houses and apartments. On the other hand, they want all their services.”

To view and download the Land Use plan, visit

The village is currently seeking feedback regarding its Land Use plan. A public hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 4.