Kaneland School District notes

By on April 23, 2009

by Lynn Meredith

State falls $1 million behind in payments
So far, Kaneland has received $500,000 from the state for its transportation fund, but officials are not optimistic they will get all four payments.

The state board has released the second and third payments, but the comptroller doesn’t have the funds to make the second payment, let alone the third and fourth.

The state is two payments, or $1 million, behind what it owes to Kaneland.

“We’ll be lucky to get payment number two this year,” School Business Official Julie-Ann Fuchs said.

Filling the new middle school
Once the Kaneland Harter Road Middle School building is completed, it will need to be outfitted with furniture and equipment. At its meeting on Monday, the School Board approved bids to furnish the school totaling $1,985,085.

“This is one of the largest bids Tom (Runty) and I have ever worked on,” School Business Official Julie-Ann Fuchs said.

The bids were as follows: $152,365 from Wenger Corporation for music room equipment, $25,139 from Midwest Tech for industrial arts equipment, $25,804 from Blick Art for art equipment, $146,252 from Henrikson for library furniture, and $1,635,525 from Lowery McDonnell for classroom furnishings.

Officials said that all the technical equipment that is currently in the Meredith Road Middle School will be taken out and used throughout the district.

Second wave of personnel reductions
The Kaneland School Board continued its reduction in personnel needed to keep expenditures down.
It approved reducing the noncertificated staff of paraprofessionals by 11 positions. Additional voluntary resignations bring the total number of noncertificated staff positions lost to 14.5.

“It is possible that several of these positions may be called back with additional staff turnover prior to the start of the 2009-10 school year,” Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Jeff Schuler said.

Employees who are let go are not dismissed through any performance-based criteria. The action is a reduction of force. They have the right to recall in order of seniority, should positions become available.