Village close to agreement on Elburn Station

By on February 14, 2013

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—ShoDeen developer Dave Patzelt attended the Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday to respond to the board’s requests for changes to his plan regarding the Elburn Station development.

Village trustees had asked for three modifications to the plan, including reducing the number of multi-family units within the development from 800 to 400, plus up to an additional 200, given that they are designated as age-restricted or senior housing; paying for half of the cost of a pedestrian bridge linking the development with the current downtown area of Elburn; and requiring 85 percent completion of the housing units and 100 percent of the public improvements and infrastructure of one phase before moving on to the next phase of the development.

Village President Dave Anderson spoke with Patzelt within the past week to outline the changes the board requested. Patzelt came back to the board with mark-ups to the annexation agreement, drawn up in August 2012, addressing their issues.

As Patzelt addressed each item, he described his response as “meeting the board square on” or “pretty straightforward.”

Patzelt said he would limit the number of rental units to 400, with up to an additional 200 more of age-targeted housing to 55 years and older, for a total of 600 rental units.

He agreed to share in the cost of the pedestrian bridge, but said he would pay half of the amount remaining after any potential grant money obtained had been applied to the cost.

“We’re partners; we’re in this together,” he said. “We should share in being successful with obtaining grant money.”

He will pay $200 per housing unit toward the total amount, with the remainder due once the mixed use phase of the development has been completed.

Patzelt said he wanted to add the restriction that, if the village does not build the bridge within three years of the completion of phase six, the money will return to him.

The final restriction addressed issues that the Blackberry Creek subdivision brought up to the village regarding improvements left undone when B&B Enterprises, Inc. walked away from the development. Patzelt agreed to 80 percent
completion of public improvements of one phase prior to construction on a subsequent phase of the development, but said he wanted to exclude commercial development from that restriction.

Board members said they wanted a chance to review the changes before making any decisions. Trustee Jeff Walter was not present at Monday’s meeting, and will not attend the board meeting scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 19. As a result, Village President Dave Anderson scheduled a special board meeting for the following Monday, Feb. 25. The Elburn Station vote is expected to take place at that time.