Letter: SG Library heads down path of change

By on February 21, 2013

Change is hard, but it is also good. The two newest elected Sugar Grove Library Board members have started our local library down the path of change, which was needed on this library board for some time.

Dan Herkes is a numbers guy, and without him grabbing hold of the finances, the library would never have made it through the last two years. Bill Durrenberger has embraced the Open Meetings Act and has brought order, transparency and fairness to board meetings.

The newest appointment of Anthony Oliver has brought an architectural background and contract negotiator to this team. Anthony has helped reduce costs and has kept on top of the maintenance of our building. We thank them all for their generous contributions of time and knowledge.

Hopefully the public chooses to elect Louise Coffman and Ed DeBartollo to join the board in the April 9, 2013, election. Their backgrounds in accounting and marketing, respectively, will round out this new board’s circle of expertise. Ed is a Montgomery resident who lives in the part of Montgomery served by our library.

Over the last several years, there has been some controversy regarding the Sugar Grove Library and its leadership. The library was put through unnecessary turmoil and a terrific waste of tax dollars. Hundreds of Sugar Grove Library District residents came to meetings and made their feelings known.

Thank you to all of the library supporters who came to those meetings. Never, ever let anyone tell you that speaking out at any board meeting is not good for our town image. Boards think that people don’t care because very few taxpayers show up at meetings. It is really just the opposite. Residents trust local boards when they are doing the taxpayer’s business fairly, but cross the line, and believe me—you will see people at your meeting.

As a resident, never be afraid to voice your opinion to any of our elected leaders. It is your right and, more importantly, your obligation to do so whenever you think local governed boards are not doing the job they were elected to do for our districts.

Pat Graceffa
Write-in candidate,
Sugar Grove Library Board