Village Board to vote on Elburn Station next week

By on February 22, 2013

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Elburn Village Board trustees on Tuesday made some final tweaks to changes to the plan they are requesting from Elburn Station developer Dave Patzelt, setting the stage for a vote on the development at a meeting on Monday, Feb. 25. Village President Dave Anderson has designated a special board meeting to address the development’s approval.

Patzelt last week agreed to share the cost of the pedestrian bridge linking Elburn Station to the current downtown area, but said he would contribute half the amount up to a maximum of $450,000, not $500,000. He also wanted to impose a three-year limit on construction of the bridge, or the money would come back to him.

Village trustee Bill Grabarek said that if the village were to build a pedestrian bridge that was ADA-approved, it would cost more than Patzelt’s estimate of $900,000. He also thought the three-year restriction was too limiting.

“This should be a developer contribution, period,” Grabarek said. “Forget the three years.”

Anderson said he wasn’t concerned about the three-year time-frame.

“It’s a village project, and quicker we can get it done on our end, the better,” he said.

Village attorney Bob Britz suggested that the village require Patzelt to set aside bonds for his portion of the bridge at the beginning of phase six, or the commercial area.

Grabarek also was not in favor of the village sharing any grant money with the developer to help pay for the bridge.

“We keep the grant money; he keeps the impact fee,” he said. “It’s cleaner that way.”

Patzelt also agreed to limit the number of rental units from 800 to 400, with up to an additional 200, given they are targeted for people ages 55 and over. The total possible rental units would be limited to 600.

The Village Board on Tuesday clarified that the number of total housing units would have a net decrease of 200, down from 2,275 to 2,075.

The final modification the board wanted was the requirement that 85 percent of the units and 100 percent of public improvements of one phase be completed before moving onto the next one. Patzelt agreed to 80 percent completion of the public improvements, and said that the commercial phase should be an exception.

“We’re close,” Anderson said on Wednesday. “We’ve got a head of steam. Let’s not throw a monkey wrench into it now. The county’s looking over our shoulder.”

The construction of the Anderson Road Bridge, a Kane County project with federal and state funding, is linked to the Elburn Station development. County officials have expressed concerns that the funding would go away if the project became stalled.

Anderson, Britz and Public Works Superintendent John Nevenhoven are set to meet with Patzelt and his attorney on Friday morning to finalize the agreement. The board will then vote on the agreement on Monday evening.