Sugar Grove Presidential Candidates debate

By on February 22, 2013

P. Sean Michels – Sugar Grove Village President
Kevin Geary – Sugar Grove Village Trustee

Moderated by Keith Beebe, Editor of the Elburn Herald
Filmed Wednesday, February 13 at the Elburn and Countryside Community Center

The Elburn Herald on Feb. 13 hosted a Sugar Grove village presidential debate between the incumbent, Sean Michels, and his challenger, village trustee Kevin Geary.

Both participants met at the Herald’s new location, 525 N. Main St., in Elburn, and proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes debating topics such as government transparency, village growth and business, video gambling, the Mallard Point/Rolling Oaks drainage issue, and the possibility of re-entering an intergovernmental agreement with the Kaneland School District.

The Herald hosted the debate as a way to kick off its role as co-sponsors in this year’s Sugar Grove Meet the Candidates Night, which will take place on Tuesday, March 12, at 6:30 p.m. at the Sugar Grove Community House, 141 Main St.

The debate between Michels and Geary was video recorded as a way to provide Sugar Grove residents with a fair and quality look at the two village president candidates in action. The entire video will be available on our website,, beginning Friday.

Michels has served as village president since 1999, the same year Geary first took office as village trustee.

Debate Rules and Opening Statements

Question 1:

“Village trustee Geary has said that his campaign is based on the platform of offering open and honest government in order to be accountable to the people served by that body, creating a business-friendly climate within the village. What is the current business climate in the village, and what would you do to improve it? Also, define the current state of growth in Sugar Grove.”

Question 2:

“Define your interpretation of local government transparency. Do you believe Sugar Grove has maintained a consistent and thorough level of transparency. If not, what needs to happen for the village to reach and maintain a higher level of transparency?”

Question 3:

“The Village Board in 2011 chose to not renew its intergovernmental agreement with the Kaneland School District. What was your stance toward the Kaneland IGA at that time, and what would it take for you to consider re-entering an IGA with the School District?”

Question 4:

“You have suggested in the past that the money for the Route 47/I-88 interchange project go toward the improvement of the cloverleaf at the intersection of Routes 47 and 56. Do you still believe the cloverleaf improvement should take precedent over the initial interchange project? If so, why?”

Question 5:

“Why should the village of Sugar Grove allow video gambling?”

Question 6:

“Village trustee Geary, you have been an outspoken critic of the drainage issue in the Mallard Point and Rolling Oaks subdivisions. Do you believe the Village Board acted swiftly and accordingly in its attempt to work with Rob Roy Drainage District No. 2 and solve the drainage issue? What would you have done differently?”

Closing Statements:

Full Video (39:44)