An introduction to Kaneville’s Fire Protection District

By on March 1, 2013

by Brett Gobeli,
Firefighter, Kaneville Fire Protection District

What happens when multiple ethnicities, country boys and city slickers, men and women, the handicapped, retirees, college graduates and high-school-age children band together?

You get an elite group willing to face danger rather than shy away from it; willing to give their lives for someone else that they don’t even know. Our group expects no compensation, gratitude or accolades. We do it for various internal reasons. Day or night, every day of the year without exception, without hesitation, we arrive to serve a higher purpose then ourselves.

So when the big red trucks pass you by, or a car with a blue light is flashing behind you, just move over and give a smile or a wave. Not only does it give us a little boost, someday we might be headed to help you or your family members.

Oh, and the answer to the initial question is not the United Nations; it is your Kaneville Fire Department—an elite brotherhood that exemplifies expectations of all firefighters: duty, honor, and self-sacrifice.

In future papers we will write about various things going on in the department and the community, as well as what it means to be a part of a brotherhood that transcends time, countries, gender, race and cultures.

Thank you all, and be safe.

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