Coyote sightings in Sugar Grove

By on March 1, 2013

SUGAR GROVE—Coyotes have been seen in the Sugar Grove area. More sightings are reported at this time of the year because coyotes typically mate in February or early spring. During mating season, coyotes—especially males—may be more visible. Coyotes generally are seen at night; however, they can also be seen at daytime during the summer months.

While some may enjoy the chance to see wildlife, most people would prefer that this type of wildlife remain in the wild and not in their neighborhoods. To help keep your neighborhood wildlife-free, the best thing you can do is to take precautions and not encourage coyotes and other wildlife to come near your home.

A coyote’s diet consists mainly of small rodents, deer, rabbits and fruit. However, they will take advantage of other available food sources. They can be attracted to garbage and pet food. Coyotes can also be attracted to birdfeeders because the birdfeeders attract rodents and squirrels. Coyotes may attack outdoor domestic cats for food or because they are viewed as a competing predator. It is less common for coyotes to attack small dogs or medium- to large-sized dogs. Dogs are usually attacked when they are not accompanied by people. Attacks on larger dogs may occur during mating season, which usually occurs in February through April.

Take precautions to help keep coyotes at in the wild and out your neighborhood:
• Don’t feed any wild animals such as raccoons or deer, as this encourages coyotes, too.
• Don’t leave food outside for stray animals.
• Keep cats and small dogs in the house, or always accompany them when they are outside.
• When walking your pets, keep them on a leash.
• Secure your garbage
• Keep your yard clear of debris and brush

While some residents may call for the removal of all coyotes in the area, research has shown that once coyotes are removed, others quickly replace them.

However, if there is a nuisance coyote on your property that you would like removed, the following individuals are licensed through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources to provide residential trapping/removal services for coyotes:
• Brad Lundsteen – Suburban Wildlife Control, (630) 443-4500
• Gary Zirves – Illinois Wildlife Control, (815) 337-2719

Note that trapping and removing a coyote is illegal in Illinois without the proper permits. A property owner or tenant must obtain a Nuisance Animal Removal Permit to trap and remove most species of wildlife.