Elburn Station negotiations hit a snag

By on March 15, 2013

One item remains before development moves forward
by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Negotiations for the Elburn Station development hit a snag Monday night when interim Village Administrator Doug Elder informed the board that ShoDeen developer Dave Patzelt did not agree with the requirement that he complete area one, the section of the development with single-family homes, first.

“Dave Patzelt of ShoDeen Development said he never agreed with that, and does not agree with that, and he will not agree to that,” Elder said.

Village Attorney Bob Britz said he also spoke with Patzelt, and asked him his reasons for objecting to this requirement.

According to Britz, Patzelt had several reasons, one of which was that he doesn’t want to be prohibited from commencing development of the other areas first. Patzelt said he wants the market to determine the products he develops first.

“Basically he’s telling us he wants to build apartments first, cause that’s what the market calls for,” trustee Jeff Walter said. “That’s not the kind of development I’m looking for—at least not as the first phase.”

“I’d hate to jeopardize the development if he can’t sell single-family homes when the bridge is done,” trustee Jerry Schmidt said. “If there is a market for single-family homes, let him build that. If there’s a market for condos or apartments, let him build that. We need this development.”

Britz said he invited Patzelt to the meeting, but the ShoDeen developer didn’t want to attend.

On Tuesday, Patzelt said that there were several reasons for his rejecting the part of the agreement. First, he said that when Village President Dave Anderson came back to him a month ago with the main concerns the board had with the plan as it was, completion of area one before others could be started was not mentioned.

“This is a new problem,” Patzelt said.

In addition, Patzelt said that if he had to wait to begin a second area of construction until he had completed the first, it would take a year to 18 months to complete the roads and other infrastructure before he could begin building homes, and he would lose that momentum from one area to the next.

“Although the areas are numbered, this doesn’t imply an order for when each would get built,” he said. “For example, area one might get split into two or three phases. We may not build all 149 at once; we may start with 35 or 50 or 70.”

Patzelt said that area one includes 149 single family homes, with 70- and 80-foot-lot sizes. It does not call for single-family homes on 60-, 50- or 40-foot lots, which are elsewhere in the development.

“Area one may not have the latest and greatest current market-selling products,” he said.

As far as what the market will dictate, Patzelt said that he doesn’t know what that will be, because he can’t proceed with the actual development until the Anderson Road extension and bridge is completed, and that will take a year and a half.

“It’s not what is the market now; it’s what is the market when the bridge is completed,” he said.
Patzelt said that if the board is concerned about the multi-family units being built first, area one is not the only area without multi-family units. Areas two, three, seven, eight and nine do not include multi-family units, either.

“Why not start with one of them?” he asked.

Trustee Ken Anderson suggested the board change the requirement from the first area having to be completed to it having to be started. The modification was to be sent back to Patzelt on Tuesday.

According to Elder, this was the one remaining issue that the ShoDeen developer had. Patzelt had agreed to the other changes the board suggested, and Britz read through those changes for the board. The vote on the development has been set for the Village Board meeting on Monday, March 18.


  1. disqus_mVWrED21DG

    March 15, 2013 at 7:51 PM

    I don’t know the full implications of changing language from “completed” to “started”, but I hope whoever is word-smithing the agreement considers all the implications of language modifications. Mr. Patzelt states he wants the market to decide what he builds. If the market wants Quonset huts, will he be allowed to build them?

  2. Tomtinkerman@aol.com

    March 16, 2013 at 10:30 AM

    As per Sho-Deen’s comments that they can’t really build until after Anderson road is built. Good point as per The October vote by the board to not to allow Sho-Deen’s project planned annexed into Elburn.until after Anderson Road is complete. That way will not be held hostage to Sho-Deens little games.Sho-Deen should be working with Kane county’s offer of 2.4 million a few years ago.From what I see the Anderson road overpass has already started except for the blockage of Sho-Deens demand that Elburn cover’s their financial needs to make a profit on the backs of Elburn tax payers. I feel its totally uncalled for to be held hostage and kind of feel we’re being the victims of W.C. Fields famous quots of always take advantage of a sucker there is one born every minute.
    The bridge is a top priority to be build by Kane county and I feel will be build one way or the other. Watch how fast Kane county takes the land needed for the bridge when our trusted servants see the truth in their hearts and tell Sho-Deen to deal with the county in good faith first so Elburn can see where we stand.

  3. Tomtinkerman@aol.com

    March 17, 2013 at 2:25 PM

    “I’d hate to jeopardize the development if he can’t sell single-family homes when the bridge is done,” trustee Jerry Schmidt said. “If there is a market for single-family homes, let him build that. If there’s a market for condos or apartments, let him build that. We need this development.”
    I seem to see it a bit differant .First there isn’t any market for single-family,condos,or apartments right now. If there was Blackberry Creek would have been built out by now.
    I really can see why Jerry Schmidt is so bent on pushing through Elburn to annax in the Sho-Deen development. Really now why do we need it so bad as he seems to think. There are a lot of other issues that Elburn needs to complete even before any further development could happen.

    A few other concerns our trusted servants should consider now we’ve seen the true colors of what is about to ( hopefully not) be brought upon the Village of Elburn if the Sho-Deen annexation is forced upon us.

    1. The care and maintenance of Anderson road after 1 year will be forced onto the Elburn taxpayers if the project is annexed into Elburn’s boundary from what I read and understand.

    2. The total infrastructure basically should be understood ( electrical,water,sewer,telephone,roads,etc.)for as it is now Elburn’s basic infrastructure is in very bad shape. Except for a few select areas. How about a fair estimate of cost .Note:Who will pay ? Sho-Deen or Village of Elburns tax payers? What was it projected to bring our current sanitation up to par ($14,000,000.00 ) of moneys that are short to come by lately.

    3. All the connecting streets and roads need to be planned out on the north,and south side of the railroad tracks ( pedestrian and bike trails,also ) All this is a slow process that needs to be included with the Anderson Road overpass Note: Where are the plans What will be a new surprise? Keep in mind the W.C.Fields factor.

    4 As many Elburn residents have noted is to let the Anderson Road be built by the county first so the burden of any unforseen problems come up,and to slowly work out from the bridge with proper planning. There is way to many unfinished developments that Jerry should focus on to get finished. The Anderson Road overpass will be taken care of by Kane county for they are the for the bypass of Elburn on Rt.47 that is a bottle neck for North South truck movement. For the county to give any indication that the grant money for the overpass will be gone along with Sho-Deens hostage senrio that if we don’t Annex in Anderson road the deals is off seems really strange.
    Let the county deal with Sho-Deen on the land that is needed for Anderson road.Then let Sho-Deen come to Elburn on our terms after Anderson Road is built. We don’t need Sho-Deen for Anderson Road the county does. All the studys and enginering has been done and even the piers are in the ground with huge costs of county and goverrmental money. For them to say it won’t be built because of Elburn I can beleave. The bridge will be build even if Elburn didn’t want it .