What’s the plan?

By on March 15, 2013

Web Editor’s note: The Elburn Herald incorrectly referred to trustee Jeff Walter as “Jeff Walker” in the print edition of this story. The Herald regrets the error.

Board not ready to vote on Comprehensive Plan
by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—Village Board members concluded they are not ready to vote on the draft Comprehensive Plan on Monday, March 18, based on concerns regarding some of the elements of the plan.

Images, Inc., the consulting firm that created the plan, based on input from a number of groups and residents within the village, presented it to the board in a public hearing on March 4. The main concerns board members had were the placing of commercial and industrial parcels in areas far from Elburn’s central downtown area and the amount of growth the plan shows.

“That’s a substantial amount of growth,” trustee Ken Anderson said. “I just don’t know how realistic that is by 2040.”

Anderson went on to say that some of the spots identified for commercial and industrial growth have substantial soil and flooding issues, making it “very unlikely that a commercial development would be viable there.”

“So why show it?” he asked. “We’re creating the value for parcels that don’t have that value now.”

Trustee Jeff Walter had questions about how showing these uses within the Land Use plan would bind the village for the future.

Village attorney Bob Britz said that in litigating zoning matters, the courts address eight factors, with the No. 1 thing the judges look at being the Land Use plan.

Walter said he didn’t think the board was ready to vote on the plan.

“I feel that our comments have been brushed aside, with no plan for addressing any of them,” he said.

Anderson had asked Images, Inc. Carrie Hanson for population numbers, based on the elements of the plan. He said he will be interested to see what those are.

The trustees agreed that they would use the March 25 Committee of the Whole for more discussion about the plan. Village President Dave Anderson and trustee Ethan Hastert were not present at the meeting on Monday.