Letter: A letter to the voters of Sugar Grove

By on March 28, 2013

As a resident of Sugar Grove, I find the upcoming election to have great relevance. The race for village president will be very tight; however, I feel that the the best candidate for this position is Kevin Geary.

Kevin has been an honest and trustworthy individual that has stood by his word. He works hard for his friends and neighbors and wants to make Sugar Grove a community we can all be proud of. He wants to bring the community together and make it not only a place to live, but a hometown.

Under the current regime the village has become disjointed and is no longer seen as a whole community. There is no sense of “village” or “hometown”; for many, this is merely a place to rest their head.

Kevin Geary plans to bring back that sense of community and make this, once again, our hometown.

April Carvelli
Sugar Grove