Letter: Vote to fix Sugar Grove Library Board

By on March 28, 2013

The long awaited opportunity to correct the dysfunctional and inept Sugar Grove Library Board is at hand on Tuesday, April 9. I am proud to endorse and encourage support for Louise Coffman, Anthony Oliver and Pat Graceffa for Library Board trustees. All three have demonstrated they are truly committed to the welfare and future of the library, and their presence on the board will finally give a majority to professionalism and an end to the worst of petty small-town politics. I also support a new candidate, Ed DeBartolo.

Coffman and Oliver are on the ballot and are unopposed. DeBartolo is one candidate for the two spots available for a six-year term. Graceffa should be elected for the other six-year term.
However, she will require your going an extra step. Due to a paperwork dispute, she must run as a write-in candidate. Of anyone I have ever been associated with regarding the library, Pat Graceffa more than deserves a seat at the table. The unquestioned force behind the Friends of the Library and honored as Citizen of the Year, she has always shown a rare degree of dedication to the community.

For the six-year term, after voting for Ed DeBartolo, please take the effort to put the name “Pat Graceffa” on the write-in section of your ballot. Instructions can be found at www.patgraceffa.info. Basically, you select “write-in” and then spell her name using the wheel. An election judge can be asked to assist you.

Douglas Hartman
Past President, Sugar Grove Library Board