Letter: In support of Michels, Bohler and Montalto this spring

By on March 28, 2013

I am writing in support of Sean Michels, Bob Bohler and Rick Montalto for re-election to their respective positions on the Sugar Grove Village Board.

Having served 18 years on the Village Board, I believe that Sean Michels will be best candidate to serve as Village President. Sean exhibits strong leadership skills, great communication skills and works hard to put Sugar Grove in the best position.

Under Sean’s leadership, the village has seen growth in the commercial/retail and industrial areas, even in a down economy. The village has recently seen an increased interest in residential housing with the sale of 67 lots in the Prairie Glen subdivision. Sean has also used his local, state and federal contacts to push for funding for the Route 47 and I-88 interchange. This project will benefit not just Sugar Grove, but the region as a whole.

Trustees Bohler and Montalto are both strong candidates and will continue to serve the residents well. They both have strong backgrounds in their respective fields of safety and security for Bohler, and law enforcement and teaching for Montalto. They are both well versed in the village’s budget and understand the need for fiscal responsibility.

The leadership of Michels with the strong board behind him has led to the village having received numerous budget awards and a credit rating of A+.

Also, I am asking residents to support Pat Graceffa as a write-in candidate for the Sugar Grove Library Board. There is not a more dedicated, qualified individual to fill this vacancy. Pat will work hard to put the library’s needs first and foremost on the table. She will not put personal agendas before the public good. Please cast your votes for these very qualified, dedicated candidates.

Mari Johnson
Sugar Grove


  1. April Widrick

    March 28, 2013 at 6:09 PM

    Sean Michels does have a strong background as the Sugar Grove Political leader, but in recent years there have been too many questions. Many wonder if the Sugar Grove village council is following Illinois political tradition, a change of blood may ensure that the Village of Sugar Grove does not follow it’s bigger brothers down that path.

  2. Jon A. Zahm

    April 7, 2013 at 7:46 PM

    A group founded in 2009, called Simply Honest in Sugar Grove, has put together a web site that I have registered and promoted for them. It is called http://www.michelsethicsissues.com This site shines light onto Michels that should awaken even his blind followers like Bob Bohler and Mari Johnson.