Letter: Michels’ website a vote clincher

By on March 28, 2013

As an avid cyclist, I was impressed while looking at Sean Michels’ website. Mr. Michels wants to improve the bike trail system throughout the community and improve the pedestrian paths, as well. This is good news for the citizens of Sugar Grove, and it appears that his goal is to do this without raising taxes, and instead searching for and applying for grants.

On his website, Mr. Michels talks about applying for grants to construct a bridge over Blackberry Creek so that residents can access the Virgil Gilman trail without having to ride along Bliss Road. This is very encouraging to me. I have ridden my bike all over Kane County. It’s great that our village president is thinking about the safety of his constituents, as well as visitors that want to visit Sugar Grove.

I know I will be voting for Sean Michels to continue all of the great things he has in store for Sugar Grove. I urge my friends and family to do the same.

Jeff Carlson
Sugar Grove