Board provides its comprehensive plan footprint

By on March 29, 2013

by Susan O’Neill
ELBURN—The Elburn Village Board on Monday gave its last few comments regarding the village’s comprehensive Land Use Plan.

Carrie Hansen, director of planning and government relations for Images Inc., which facilitated the creation of the plan, brought revisions that board members had requested during their last meeting with her.

The changes included the addition of the Elburn Station development, now that it has been approved and annexed. The revision also eliminated several of the commercial areas initially included on the north side of town, as well as those on the north side of Route 47 and Main Street Road. Trustee Ken Anderson had asked Hansen to eliminate the commercial use designation there, because the existence of a flood plain in the area would more than likely rule out future development there.

The area of Route 47 south of the downtown area, which had been designated single-family residential, was extended further south as commercial, also based on board member feedback.

Commercial development will take on a different form, depending on its location in the village, Hansen said. She recommended retail development at the primary intersections of Route 38 and Route 47, and Route 47 and Keslinger Road. She said that commercial uses in other locations would likely be more of the service-oriented, office-oriented and campus-type development, to be compatible with the adjacent residential areas.

New industrial development is called for in areas where it can capitalize on close proximity to regional transportation, such as the Union Pacific Railroad, Keslinger Road, Route 47 and Route 38.

Hansen also provided the board with projected population figures based on the plan, with the initial infill and primary expansion adding almost 12,000 people over the next 20 years or so. The long-term expansion would create a total population of close to 42,000 at complete build-out.

Elburn’s current population is 5,602.

“That’s not to say you’re ever going to be that big,” Hansen said to the board. “The numbers are possible if this plan gets realized.”

Trustee Bill Grabarek had some minor corrections and clarifications in the wording of the plan. He said that this was the first revision to the plan in 23 years, and includes the two largest projects the village has ever had. He said he wanted that to be precise.

Hansen said she would get the final changes to the board for its meeting on Monday, April 1.