Letter: A comment on the conduct of the present Sugar Grove Township administration

By on April 4, 2013

At last year’s Nov. 5 Sugar Grove Township meeting, I stood before the administration, stating how incredible I thought their actions (calling in the Sugar Grove Police Department) were toward the past supervisor, Dan Nagel, who had resigned his post. Here we are today, April 2013, and they have continued with their incredible behavior.

The very people who have contributed their time and dedication to this community are the very targets of this administration.

Mr. Nagel dedicated over 38 years of service to the township, recently upgraded the township building and office to its new location, assisted the new Public Library financially by buying the building, relocated our assessor’s office to a larger location, remodeled and rented the old assessor office, put in a new senior citizen meeting room, purchased and updated the old bus barn for storage to the Scouts and others, and assisted the Mental Health Department to relocate to a central location. Nagel and Jerry Murphy were ahead of their time by providing mental health locally. What does this administration do? They try to put Mr. Nagel in jail.That is really special.

Then there is Marlene Wagner (in her late 70s) who for seven years worked as the township bookkeeper. She recently put in an up-to-date township authorized bookkeeping software and running simultaneous old and new systems to avoid any loss of data. She passed six state audits with excellent rating. What does this administration do? They accused her of being untrustworthy, soiled her personal reputation, and are now in the process of removing the very accounting system that achieved such high ratings. She is so damaged that every time I discuss this matter with her, she breaks down in tears.

I can’t forget poor Lil Adams. She has spent her entire adult 80-plus years attending to the Sugar Grove Community House. Many of her hours worked were voluntary, rearranging her personal time, to provide for people’s events at the Community House. She was recognized as Honoraria by the community for her great service. What does this administration do? They gave her a tongue lashing that put her in bed for two weeks. She is still not over it.

Betty Jo, the township bookeeper after Marlene, watches the behavior of this administration and resigns. Smart girl. She was replaced by a male bookkeeper.

In summary, it is very apparent to me that this administration is divisive toward women, and especially senior women. Their actions are a poor representation of our community, and it appears they intend to take no prisoners as they ransack what others have built for this township government.
Jerry Elliott
Sugar Grove Township

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  1. Just my opinion.

    April 17, 2013 at 12:17 PM

    Jerry, I agree with you with one exception. It is not that the administration is against women and/or seniors. They are against those that are not on board with their agenda. I also know Marlene Wagner personally and it broke my heart to know how she was vilified by certain members of the board and individuals seeking to further their own agenda. I didn’t always see eye to eye with Dan Nagel but he is a good man. No one can say he didn’t have the Townships best interests at heart. Unfortunately, there are those within the Township that stooped to ridiculous levels to bring about his political demise and seemed to consider Marlene collateral damage. I believe this mess started with one individual with a large axe to grind. This person does not have the ability to effectively communicate or find compromise with those who disagree or have conflicting opinions. Emotional rampages and vendettas of one individual started this entire debacle and those that truly cared about the community are paying the price.