Letter: Vote for Fred Dornback in the April 9 election

By on April 4, 2013

This letter is to endorse Fred Dornback for the position of Blackberry Township Supervisor in the April 9 election. He is experienced, responsive, resourceful and committed.

Fred has chosen to run as an independent for the position of township supervisor. He is no stranger to Blackberry Township, as he has lived here for almost 40 years, has served as moderator at the annual town meeting for many years, and has served as the superintendent of the cemetery ever since it was acquired by the township from the Blackberry Cemetery Association in 2007.

In addition, Fred has a significant track record of achievement with other organizations. After a successful career as a school psychologist, Fred has served as a volunteer at Delnor Community Hospital, is a founding board member (and current board member) of the Living Well Cancer Resource Center, and was the “Volunteer of the Year” of the Chicago Land’s American Red Cross.

Fred has performed many good deeds for other people. Fred is generally nonpolitical, and is always there to give a helping hand. Please lend your support to elect Fred Dornback on April 9, 2013.

Jim Michels, Blackberry Township trustee