Kaneville Village President

By on April 5, 2013

Two candidates will vie for the Kaneville Village President seat on April 9.

Rick Peck
Kaneville interim Village President Rick Peck will seek to make his position official on April 9.

Peck was elected to the Village Board as a trustee in 2009, and then nominated to serve as interim village president following the passing of former village president Bob Rodney in July 2012.

Peck has worked as an engineering supervisor and manager for a telecommunications manufacturing corporation the past 10 years. He holds an Associate of Arts degree from Harper College in Palatine, Ill., as well as additional education in accounting from DeVry University.

Peck said that, since taking the role of interim village president last July, he has begun to personally experience the importance of the leadership role.

“I have been a successful leader in my career, and know that I can accomplish the same as village president,” he said. “In the last four years as trustee and president, I have worked to successfully implement solutions to difficult tasks.”

Peck believes there’s a good reason why he was chosen by the board to serve as interim village present.

“I have shown from the previous three years that I am the one best suited for this job. I have always worked well with others, have trained others, been trained/mentored by others, and have led successful teams of over 70 members,” he said.

If elected, Peck’s top priorities on the board would include addressing the current condition of village sidewalks, as well as repairing village roads and planning for any future repairs.

“The (sidewalk) replacement can be quite costly, so I have been seeking local and federal grants to assist in this area,” he said. “The village will also have to contribute to this, so we will have to carefully plan based on allotted funds.”

Peck also wants to seek continuance of the Local Government Distributive Fund.

“This is a critical part to our revenue to assist us in serving our community,” he said.

In order to achieve his goals, Peck plans to continue seeking grants where possible.

“We also maintain zero debt, so we will continue to work in this aspect and to provide what our community needs,” he said.

Patricia Hill
Patricia Hill has served on the Kaneville Village Board since 2006. She’ll look to make the jump to village president on the April 9 General Election ballot.

Hill owns Hill’s Country Store (aka “The Purple Store”) in Kaneville. She served on the Kaneville Cemetery Board and Memorial Day Committee, and is currently a member of the Kaneville Historical Society. She assists in the organization of Kaneville Fest and Christmas in Kaneville, and helped raise money for the remodeling of the Kaneville Public Library.

And as if Hill wasn’t involved enough in her community, she supports the Kaneland School District, KYSO Soccer and Kaneville Baseball, and was instrumental in rejuvenating Kaneville’s Dean Downen Baseball Fields at the Kaneville Community Center.

Hill said she’s proud to serve the people of Kaneville and its surrounding communities. She also initiated the village’s Neighborhood Watch program.

“The job of village president is one that is of leadership, responsibility and for the good of the people in the town. It also involves fiscal responsibility to its citizens,” she said. “I care about the town of Kaneville and its future. I want to keep it small-town America.”

Hill said that, as someone who has served as village trustee since Kaneville was incorporated in 2006, she has been a part of the organizing and implementary stages of the village.

As an owner of a small business that is, in her words, an “integral part of the community,” she feels she is in the unique position of hearing first hand from the citizens of Kaneville what is of importance to them.

“My experience with operating the business and organizing various community events and functions has helped me to prepare to hold the position of village president,” she said.

Should she be elected village president, Hill said her top priorities would include addressing the United States Postal Service’s post plan, which has reduced the Kaneville Post Office’s operating hours.

“(I want to) stop the eventual closing of our post office and bring back regular postal hours,” she said. “I would plan to address this issue by continuing to solicit the help of our Congressman Randy Hultgren, Senator Dick Durbin, and anyone in the postal service who has any authority.”

Hill said she will also address repairs to village roads and cul-de-sacs by continuing to save money and completing them in stages as funds become available.

Sidewalk repairs are also on Hill’s agenda.

“We are currently working on applying for a grant to help pay for the sidewalks, but we still have to continue to put money aside in our yearly appropriations to someday fully fund this project,” she said.