Short-term pain, long-term gain

By on April 23, 2009

Sugar Grove prepares for more road construction than usual
by Susan O’Neill
Village President Sean Michels said that travelers in and around Sugar Grove may encounter more construction than usual this year, thanks to government and grant money from the Kane County Transportation (KDOT) Impact Fee Program, Local Agency Pavement Preservation (LAPP) awards and the federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) stimulus package.

Michels asks residents for their patience throughout this year’s construction season.

“Many road improvement projects are ready to begin not only in Sugar Grove but throughout Illinois,” Michels said. “Keep in mind that these improvements will eventually make your motoring experience safer as well as bring the infrastructure needed to aid economic development. However, for now these projects may necessitate finding alternate routes, watching for detours and allowing additional travel time to reach your destination.”

The project long-awaited by local residents to improve visibility and motorist safety at the Bliss and Merrill road intersection began Monday. The start date for the project funded by KDOT impact fees is somewhat sooner than originally anticipated.

The improvements involve lowering the elevation or hill area approaching the intersection and straightening out the curve at the intersection. Two left turn lanes will be added, one to turn left onto Merrill when traveling northeast on Bliss and the other to turn left onto Bliss when traveling south on Merrill.

According to a written release from KDOT Director of Transportation Carl Schoedel, Bliss Road at the intersection of Merrill Road will be closed for approximately four months while KDOT crews reconstruct the intersection.

KDOT will post signage prior to the road closure to alert area motorists of the upcoming closure and to redirect motorists to a marked detour route around the construction site. The detour route will use Route 47 and Main Street Road.

KDOT anticipates completion of the project by November 2009. For additional information about the project and detours, residents may visit or call (630) 816-9671.

Michels said the village will also be performing normal maintenance to village streets in the coming months, in addition to the several projects funded through LAPP awards. While this routine maintenance should not have a major impact on residents and others traveling in and through the community, the LAPP projects may cause short-term lane closures.

The village received LAPP funding for three road projects, which provides approximately 75 percent of the cost of the project. Local funds provide the rest. The Prairie Street project is also being supplemented by ARRA funds, reducing the local share to approximately 20 percent. The scope of work for these three projects is surface removal and resurfacing including patching, shoulders, striping, reflective crack control and restoration.

Other project information is available at