Painting the town—green?

By on April 23, 2009

by Lynn Meredith
In less than a month, you will be able to see the new colors of the Maple Park water tower starting to come to life.

Balsam Green is the color the Maple Park Village Board chose for the tower, with Desert Sand for its lettering and emblem. At its meeting on April 6, the board agreed on the colors after declining to go with a costlier two-toned color scheme

“If you would go with the two-tone approach, it would cost an additional $14,000. The alternative is to select a darker color and lighter-colored emblem and save yourself $14,000,” trustee Terry Borg said.

The Water Committee debated whether or not to go with the two tones or with one color. They looked at painting the bottom a dark color and the top a light color in order to mask mold that inevitably develops on towers.

Mold shows less on darker colors but will still need to be cleaned in three to five years, Baxter & Woodmen Engineer Ralph Tompkins explained.

“You get mold because you have cool water that condenses moisture on the outside, and especially in areas where you have dust, the dust will collect on it,” Tompkins said. “You can go around to any water tower anywhere and you’ll see mold on it.”

Borg said that an inspection of the tower showed the need to do abrasive sand blasting, apply two coats of epoxy paint to the pit valve and piping and caulk the overlapping plats. The board approved the cost for the work as not to exceed $6000. Crews from L.C. United will do the work now while there is no water in the tower.

“This tower has not been painted, as close as can figure, in close to 20 years,” Borg said.

The project is expected to start around April 15.

Photo by Lynn Meredith