SG resident granted ownership of property, right-of-way

By on April 11, 2013

by Dave Woehrle
SUGAR GROVE—Sugar Grove Village Board members on April 2 voted to allow resident Warren Hestekin to take ownership of property on the east side dead end of Calkins Drive.

The village will also vacate the right-of-way at the end of East Calkins Drive, where Hestekin currently resides.

Hestekin made the proposal to the Village Board at its Feb. 26 meeting. Director of Public Works Tony Speciale and Streets and Properties Supervisor Geoff Payton submitted the official recommendation on April 2.

Hestekin will purchase the vacated property for $10 and take responsibility for maintenance. He has stated he would like to improve the area by adding trees and a sidewalk.

According to the deal, the village maintains the right to re-aquire the property from Hestekin at no cost should it be deemed necessary. A blanket utility easement would also be maintained by the village. No structures of any kind are allowed, and any improvement made to the land shall not interfere with snow and ice removal.

Sugar Grove expects the costs of the project will be $250 for legal and engineering reviews.