HMS Mattina Brass Ensemble performs the Star Spangled Banner at football game

By on April 11, 2013

SCHAUMBURG, ILL.—Kaneland Harter Middle School‘s Mattina Brass Ensemble on March 17 performed The Star Spangled Banner during the opening ceremony of the Chicago Slaughter’s football game. The event took place at the Sears Centre in Schaumburg, alongside a military color guard, athletes, cheerleading squads, and the Chicago Highlanders (a bagpipe and drum group).

The ensemble also met and took a photo with the Slaughter coach and former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Steve McMichael, who helped the team win Super Bowl XX in January 1986.

Prior to the game, a linebacker from the opposing team also posed for a quick photo. Turns out he was a baritone player in his school band.

Mattina will perform the National Anthem at the Kane County Cougars baseball game on Thursday, June 13. The ensemble members continue to enjoy honoring our country through these performance opportunities.