Letter: Comment regarding April 1 SG Township Board meeting

By on April 11, 2013

I attended the Sugar Grove Township meeting on April 1. Harry Davis was the acting supervisor since Dan Nagel was asked to resign. However, Harry appeared to be only a titular head, and (he) let Scott Jesseman be the mouthpiece.

The township spent over $12,000 on a special audit that the state’s attorney didn’t recommend pursuing charges. But the Township Board, in my opinion, is still on a witch hunt to smear Dan Nagel’s name.

Yes, Dan is a little bit of a bull in a china shop, and he is not a bookkeeper. But for 38 years, Dan’s heart has been dedicated to the township. When all the board members have given 38 years, then they would have a right to complain.

If the board were concerned as to the way bills were paid and the lack of receipts, then it, as a voting board, should have changed the rules and requirements for bill approval. But it didn’t; instead, Township Board members started a witch hunt and a smear campaign to get Dan to resign so they could run the township. Good luck on that—we will see what you can do in 38 years.

Scott Jessman called the audience “flying monkeys.” I feel that this was very unprofessional and a showing of his true colors. Is this a witch hunt, or are a bunch of boys and girls playing “King of the Mountain”? Power and politics are a sad combination; in my opinion, Sugar Grove Township is showing everyone what this combination looks like.

Karen M. McCannon (aka JoJo the Clown)
Sugar Grove