School Board denies charter school proposal

By on April 18, 2013

by Mary Parrilli
KANELAND—The Kaneland School Board on April 8 voted 7-0 to deny the online charter school application proposal that was initially presented at the School Board meeting on March 18.

Kaneland Superintendent Jeff Schuler gave his recommendation on the matter prior to the board’s vote.

“The proposal given by Virtual Learning Solutions fell short on many levels. I would like to inform the board that I never received, from K-12, any answers to our questions until the very last minute, in which they sent me an 1,100 page document,” Schuler said.

He further explained that he read portions of the “unorganized” document and came to the conclusion that it failed the 15 statutory requirements for charter schools, meeting only one requirement: to have the word “charter” in the name of the school.

Schuler said the online charter lacks explanation of admission criteria, evidence of success, evidence of sound economics, and has “many more shortcomings.”