Elburn’s Dewey Dash 2013 a success

By on April 18, 2013

by Chris Paulus
ELBURN—The Elburn Town and Country Public Library last sunday held its ninth annual Dewey Dash event, with approximately 252 participants.

The dash is a fundraising gala in which participants choose to run or walk 5k, and is named after the Dewey Decimal System, a library classification system developed by Melvil Dewey in 1876.

“Some of our patrons, who happen to be runners, came up with the idea for the fundraiser,” said Mary Lynn Alms, library director and coordinator of the event. “We use the funds to purchase our technology upgrades at the library.”

Kathy Semrick, Circulation Manager at the library, said the Dewey Dash raised over $5,000 dollars this year.

Alms has coordinated the event since its inception. Over the years, each dash has corresponded with a certain theme.

“Usually we’ve had an author’s work as a theme. In the past, we’ve had Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Dorsey Parker, James Ferber and Mark Twain,” Alms said.

This year’s theme? Fairy tales. In order to represent the theme, different quotes from fairy tales were placed on various signs throughout the course.
Participants were encouraged to wear costumes, as well. This was the first year that the event featured a costume contest, including “Best Canine Costume.”

Raffles and an international feast were also held during the dash event, with local restaurants donating food.