Village Board acknowledges video gaming machine appproval

By on April 25, 2013

by Dave Woehrle
Sugar Grove village trustees on April 16 acknowledged the 2013 video gaming result, which will allow electronic gambling referndum in Sugar Grove establishments.

Residents on April 9 voted 633 to 588 to allow video gaming.

“There was initially a bit of opposition from a few community members,” Village President

Sean Michels said. “Some people opposed gambling for religious or other reasons. But this
was voted on and passed, and we will respect that.”

Trustee Kevin Geary agreed.

“It passed referendum, so we don’t vote on it,” he said. “It’s legal and we can do it in a responsible manner.”

At the Jan. 8 board meeting, the official Ordinance Allowing Video Gaming placed the question “Shall the Village of Sugar Grove Allow Video Gambling?” as a non-binding referendum on the 2013 Consolidated Ballot.

“So far, so good” was the message extended from Cliff Barker, chaplain of the Sons of the American Legion auxiliary.

“We had them installed last Wednesday, around two in the afternoon,” he said. “Last Saturday night, we had a very full bar. Our old crowd is coming back, and it’s refreshing. It’s made a positive difference so far. And we’re watching real close to make sure no minors use the machines. There have been no issues so far.”

Barker has three video gaming machines, which include penny and nickel slots, and poker.

“If they maintain their popularity, we’ll get two more,” he said.