Plans made for Dugan Road paving in SG

By on April 25, 2013

by Dave Woehrle
SUGAR GROVE—The Sugar Grove Village Board on April 16 approved an agreement with
Engineering Enterprises, Inc. (EEI) for the preliminary design engineering for the Dugan Road renovation project.

Public Works Director Tony Speciale explained the project to the board. The Local Agency Fund Overlay (LAFO) provides funding for municipalities through the Kane and in Kane/Kendall Council of Mayors (KKCOM). Projects approved are eligible for match ratio of 75 percent of construction and engineering costs.

“This will give us $500,000 dollars on paving,” Speciale said. “We got Dugan Road north of (Route) 30 paved already, and now we want to do the south portion. We’ll do engineering this year, paving the next.”

The total cost of the Dugan Road LAFO Project is $887,022, but Sugar Grove would pay $387,022 due to the grant.

Village Engineer David Burroughs said EEI would be hired to do the preliminary design and engineering work for phase I and II engineering of the project. The estimated sum for EEI is $46,922.

Trustee Robert Bohler raised concerns over weight restrictions, which had been lifted in the past to allow semi truck traffic. Street and Properties Supervisor Geoffrey Payton said the road should be able to hold the weight.

“The road has restrictions from March 15 to May 1, based on normal spring thaw,” Payton said. “It is a Class 2 truck route, yes, but we don’t foresee issues with that.”

“If the weight is on those trucks, it could go to hell real quick,” Bohler countered. “I know Route 30 collapsed years ago because of weight issues.”

Bohler said American Heartland Bank and Trust requested a weight limit to keep their roads in better shape.

Payton then stated that proper precautions would be taken to ensure road integrity.

Trustee Mari Johnson raised concerns over what would be done for the time being. Burroughs said more road patching will occur in the next month as a short-fix solution.

Speciale said more planning is needed, and modifying truck routes would be discussed.

President Sean Michels commenced Speciale on his work on Dugan Road.

“Tony has really helped us find funding for these projects,” Michels said. “I want to thank you. It’s been very helpful, and I think this project will help in the long run.”