Letter: My property taxes will double in 15 years

By on May 9, 2013

First, some history: The Kaneland School Board announced a 12 percent levy increase via “black box” in the newspapers last October. Dan Nagel and I attended the levy hearing to object to such an increase.

The board then reduced their levy intentions to read 3.83 percent limited rate increase. To follow-up for verification purposes, we referred to the Tax Computation Report, Kane County of April 12, 2013, Page 81, for Taxing District 094—Kaneland C.U.S.D. No. 302. This report listed the capped funds total to be a limited rate of 5.427620, plus not capped funds of 1.290736, for a total of 6.718356 new taxation rate increases to district taxpayers. These increases raised the levy receipt dollars to the School District from $47,546,144.00 (2011) to $49,366,195.00 (2012), which is 3.83 percent being inclusive of property value (EAV) erosion. Kaneland District 302 accounts for 71 percent of my property tax bill, and while they are adding on, my home asset value is going down.

To summarize, the above data refers us back to the School Board culture of “taxation to the maximum.” The assistant superintendent of business and the PMA advisory consultant to the School Board announced to the board that “cost containment is not necessary” for the budgeted year 2013-14. The leaders of the School Board would not, and did not, press for more taxation representation of cost control for the taxpayer. This is also with the understanding the levy rates requested were violating (35 ILCS 200) Property Tax Code for the State of Illinois of the lesser of 5 percent increase or Consumer Price Index, which is 3 percent for 2013. We would expect the Kane County Clerk to also enforce the Property Tax Code and behavior of taxing districts performing the levy process, but they didn’t for some reason. Both the clerk and School Board members are elected, so I guess the voters have responsibility for this matter and the dilemma, as well.

We are beginning to contact representatives such as Taxpayers United and other community groups to gain some voice for positive and workable solutions. We will also continue our communications with County Board members, state legislators, senators and senior groups.

Jerry Elliott
Sugar Grove Township