Land acquired for Anderson Road bridge

By on May 16, 2013

ELBURN—The land acquisition necessary to begin construction on the Anderson Road extension and bridge has been completed.

According to Kane County Director of Transportation Tom Rickert, the 62 acres, owned by three principal property holders, ShoDeen Inc., the Union Pacific Railroad and Metra, was purchased for approximately $2.1 million. Between 14 and 15 of these acres will be used for the easements.

The project will include an extension of Anderson Road, from Route 38 to Keslinger Road. The bridge would provide an overpass of the Union Pacific Railroad tracks.

Rickert said the hearing with the Illinois Commerce Commission on Tuesday, May 7, went well, with the formal approval on the docket for an early June meeting.

“It’s all moving forward,” Rickert said.

Rickert said that the letting date will be in August or September, with earthmoving set for October. If everything goes according to plan, he said he expects the road to be open for traffic in November 2014.

“We’re doing everything on our end to make sure we meet the Aug. 2 (bid letting) date,” he said.

Rickert also said he believed the Pouley Road closure was more than likely to take place.

“Under federal guidelines, the railroads are doing all they can to remove certain at-grade crossings,” he said.

Blackberry Township Road Commissioner Rod Feece said he also expects the Pouley Road closure, but he emphasized that it wouldn’t happen for at least two years. He said the closure would not take place until the Anderson Road bridge crossing is completed, and traffic is able to go over Anderson Road.

Elburn Village President Dave Anderson said the ICC will provide $7.1 million in funding for the project.