Kaneville committee discusses solutions to drainage issue

By on May 16, 2013

by Chris Paulus
KANEVILLE—The village of Kaneville on May 8 held a special Drainage Committee meeting to discuss solutions regarding the issue of rain water drainage.

The drainage committee includes Village President Pat Hill, and trustees Poul Flamand, Carl Hauser and Jon Behm. Behm was absent from the special meeting.

The drainage issue is the result of months of heavy rain, and there has been flooding in the ditches on the east side of Harter Road. Hill said that the water from the ditches is not flowing through the culverts correctly, and that the water is currently flowing near the fire bar.

Hauser said that the drainage project actually started about two or three years ago, and that it has been a “work in progress.”

“We keep doing a little bit more to see if that works. Each year we try something new and then we see if it works,” Hill said. “This needs to be done in stages. We’ll keep looking at it each six months.”

Hauser said that some progress that has been made thus far.

“There is a ditch now. What we ran into, though, was that the ground was still pretty wet,” he said. “We were still able to make enough of a ‘V.’ Our next step is to let this dry out, and we’re going to rototill that up. It is not completed yet, but the work can’t yet be completed because of how wet it is. We want to make it so that it makes a 90-degree turn.”

Individuals in the community have also been contributing to the reparations.

“We don’t want to spend any of the taxpayer’s money. We’re hoping to get the most done efficiently and professionally without spending any of the taxpayer’s money,” Hill said. “Obviously we’ll try to repair what we can. If we come across some that are beyond repair, we will approach each section individually.”

Hill gave credit to individuals that have helped with the reparations and to save the community money, naming village trustee Jon Behm, and Kaneville Township Highway Commissioner Dale Pierson and his son, Trent, as being extremely helpful to the process and saving the community thousands of dollars.

The Drainage Committee is asking residents to take out any restrictions on their culverts. Committee members, based on a prioritized and individualized list, will encourage members of the public whose yards are contributing to the problem to help take care of the issue individually so that the water in the culverts are properly flowing.

“Now it’s just a matter of checking when it rains and Mother Nature working with us,” Hauser said.