Letter: Better decisions are needed

By on April 30, 2009

As we watch our tax money build new schools and additions to our current buildings, I have to question the decisions of our Kaneland School District.

The plan, as of today, is to close the old middle school for an undetermined amount of time and bus all the middle schoolers to the new middle school.

Why in the world are we building a two-story library at the old middle school when it will be closed next year? There could be another referendum put forth to the citizens to divert the allocated money build something else.

One idea could be an indoor field house. There is land by the high school that is unused. A field house could allow the high school and old middle school, when it reopens, a place to practice winter and spring sports. Also, the school could option a lease or sell the field house to a future park district. It is one of many options.

However, continuing to build additions on a building that will not be used is a waste of our tax money.

Jack Augusty