Letter: Is the USPS setting up the Kaneville post office to fail?

By on June 7, 2013

This past Saturday, I went to my local Kaneville Post Office and I purchased $196.88 in postage stamps. Two years ago, this would have been a simple matter, because two years ago, the Kaneville Post Office had old, but useful, equipment. Last Saturday, the man behind the counter had to run three different adding machine tapes to total my order, because the U.S. Postal Service has taken away all the computerized sales counter equipment. Now they have a credit card swiper and nothing else at the counter.

In two weeks, the US Postal Service will send to Kaneville a first-timer on the job—a “casual” employee (their term) to be “in charge” of the Kaneville Post Office … all by herself … with just a couple weeks of training.

Our community would like to have quality useful equipment in our understaffed—and very profitable—office. But, for some reason, the U.S. Postal Service in Huntley, Ill. or Argo or Washington, D.C. or somewhere, has decided to get rid of the computerized equipment in Kaneville and leave us with an old calculator and a credit card scanner.

Last week, I asked the temporary window clerk who usually works the Big Rock office, “Are we going to get new equipment to replace that which they took away?” She said, “No.” She also said that Kaneville is a very profitable office. So why are they taking away our resources? Do their bosses in Washington want us to fail?

They have taken away our equipment, old though it was. Now they are replacing an experienced part-time worker with a brand new hire.

I’m sure we will like this person, but what are they thinking? A new hire, with two weeks of training, alone in a busy office with no experience and no equipment? Kaneville’s revenues are sufficient to pay for an experienced person. The U.S. Postal Service is making stupid mistakes, and we are feeling the pain here in Kaneville.

Meanwhile, back at the United States Postal Service, nobody is accountable, and it is time for a watchdog to call them out. USPS won’t tell us who made this decision. They won’t tell our community how or who to appeal to. Hear us in Washington, D.C. Hear us, Senator Durbin. Hear us, Mark Kirk. Hear us, Randy Hultgren. Hear us, neighbors. Keep buying stamps at Kaneville’s post office. Money talks—even small money. Join us in telling the post office that neither rain nor sleet nor snow nor mis-management from on high should sabotage our constitutional right to full postal service.

Joann Murdock